ett blog

So Im bored and full of thoughts so here is a blog. Probs no one will read it but meh. Getting stuff out and shit, I guess.

Bit about me – Im gluten free for stomach reasons, smoker, enjoys walking but a little harder now thanks to the smoking, suffers from borderline personality disorder. Thats pretty much it. Not a complicated character; nothing special.

My mother and sister in the room with me now think that I am doing a uni assignment, which I will start after this, but currently I am not. Obviously.

My sister is pregnant right now. So ill have a lil nephew in like 5 weeks. I personally do not want kids at all, but Im kind of excited for the little man. Far too much responsibility atm but Ill deal. Ill have to I suppose. Life doesnt stop and wait for you to catch your breath. Too deep..

So ill start my assignment and maybs add to this later? idk, no one will read it so maybe i will write it to myself. So me, get your shit done, have a sneaky fag while mum is in the shower, go for lunch with your friends, and try not to get grumpy today please. Everyone is getting sick of it.

p.s – you already took your meds so dont do it again x


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